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About Empower@Home


Empower@Home is a new, online self-help program for emotional well-being. It is like an interactive video book that teaches skills on managing your mood, health, and relationships. The program has 9 sessions, each taking about 30 minutes to complete. If you do one session a week, it takes about ten weeks to finish the program. The program may help lift your spirits and improve your quality of life.


We are a team of researchers and developed Empower@Home after consulting with healthcare professionals and older adults with chronic health problems. We know many older folks face changes and challenges in their day-to-day lives that often affect their emotional well-being. But many may not be able to access in-person talk therapy and commercial online programs oftentimes aren't tailored to older adults. We designed Empower@Home with content and topics that are particularly relevant to older adults and delivered through an accessible platform.


The program is self-paced. You can pause at any point and log back in whenever you want. You can do the program on a computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, or smartphone. A hard copy of the user's workbook is available for you to do exercises on paper and take notes. While anyone above 18 can use Empower@Home, the program is geared toward people over 50 with chronic health problems. Click here to learn more about Empower@Home.


We are currently recruiting people living in the state of Michigan to try Empower@Home. The program will be provided free of charge. Computer and internet will also be provided to users without access. Click here to learn more about this opportunity.



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Empower@Home 2022 Brief Report


Empower@Home: A 2-Minute Video

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